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Dabaoge “打寶蛤” is a brand that specializes in the production and sale of clams and black clams. The brand name is a play on the phrase “打飽嗝” (satisfying fullness) and represents the high-quality clams from the “漢寶” (Hanbao) community. Hanbao is a small coastal fishing village located in the western part of Changhua County in Taiwan, an important area for clam and black clam production and also the hometown of the brand. The family has been raising clams for over 60 years, passed down from grandfather to father, and now taken over by the third generation. The brand believes that the effort and dedication put into producing local, high-quality food is worth being recognized and encourages people to try the local flavors of Taiwan by having a satisfying meal of clams.

Friendly Aquaculture, Safe and Healthy

We use a friendly mix of fish, shrimp, and clam to achieve an ecological balance in the pond, which satisfies both the appetite and natural, environmental, and sustainable considerations.

Golden Ratio, Plump and Meaty

We meticulously select high-quality aquatic products with an excellent shell size and plump meat from expert producers who strictly monitor the entire breeding process from production to sale, ensuring that all products meet our standards. You don’t have to worry about purchasing shellfish with oversized shells and undersized meat.

Export-grade, Excellent Quality

Hanbao, with its rich wetland ecology and unique sandy soil and brackish water, nurtures excellent quality clams and black clams.

Manufacturing Process

Smiling Secrets of Clams and Black Clams

Micro-Fermenting Secret

Every clam is like our child, we insist on using our self-developed lactic acid bacteria fermentation feed to cultivate clams, allowing them to grow white, plump, and healthy.

Smiling Secret

Clams that have grown with probiotics are healthy, energetic, and their flesh is even more fresh, sweet, and full. When you taste our “Smiling Clams” from Hanbao Clam, you’ll find that your mouth can’t help but smile.

Smiling Curve

Observing carefully, the shell of a clam is actually a smiling curve! We hope that our clams can bring everyone a happy taste.

Manufacturing Process

Molecular Oxygenation and Sand-excreting Technique for Sterilization

Our unique method involves injecting molecular ozone into seawater to increase its oxygen content, which not only revitalizes clams but also results in cleaner sand-excretion. Moreover, it also enhances the freshness of the clams, making them even more delicious to eat.


The freshest clams in the world are commonly found in Taiwan’s western coastal region and are one of the most common types of shellfish on the market.

Black Clams

We export premium “Black Diamond” black clams, which, according to medical research in Japan, contain multiple times more protein than other clam species, as well as being rich in glycogen, taurine, arginine, zinc, vitamins, and more.

Black Clam Essence

Boil black clam for 10 hours using traditional methods to slowly refine and purify them, resulting in a concentrated essence of nutrients. This 100% domestic aquatic product contains no artificial additives and offers both delicious taste and health benefits, making it an excellent choice for gifting.

Manufacturing Process




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